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A Distinctive Residency: Winchester House


Winchester House transcends the conventional concept of a residence; it stands as a haven to be embraced as "Home."  Our establishment caters to the diverse needs of adults aged 65 and above, ranging from those leading independent lives to others requiring varying degrees of assistance or specialised care.


Our Commitment:

We are dedicated to providing our residents with unparalleled care, mirroring the standards we would uphold for our own parents. Recognising the profound significance of a care facility evolving into a genuine home, we ensure an environment rich in the sentiments and emotions associated with the word 'Home,' both for our residents and their families.


Exceptional Features:

Our proficient team, characterised by compassion and amiability, eagerly extends a warm welcome to all. Winchester House boasts nine ground-floor bedrooms meticulously designed to create a clean, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Vintage furniture and warm, inviting colours are thoughtfully curated to emulate the comforts of home.


Recreational Oasis:

A splendid expansive garden serves as the backdrop for delightful summer activities, including cream teas and entertainment.


Culinary Excellence:

Our culinary offerings feature freshly prepared daily meals with a diverse array of choices tailored to individual tastes.


Principles That Define Us:

We take pride in affording your loved ones the attention, time, and care they rightfully deserve.


Our activities are meticulously planned, aligning with individual abilities and interests.


Residents' needs and wishes take precedence, ensuring privacy, dignity, independence, security, choice, and fulfillment.


Embedded Philosophy:

Our enduring philosophy revolves around informal yet thoughtful delivery of commitments, solidifying Winchester House as a paragon of care.

Better Care Starts with Us
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